Sunday, 20 April 2014

Random IT Quiz 12

1. X was founded in 1997 as Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. However, Parsons felt the name sounded archaic and asked employees to come up with another name. Some suggested Big …….., but that was already in use and someone else suggested the present name. Parsons said the company stuck with the name because it made people smile and remember it. What is X?

Ans. X-

2.ID him.

Ans. Raj reddy (only indian to receive Turing Award)

3. It is an attack that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer application, one that developers have not had time to address and patch.What attack are we talking about.

Ans. Zero-day attack

4. Identify the game.

Ans.  Ingress  (near-real time augmented reality game)

5. X acquired an automatic speech recognition technology company called Novauris Technologies.The team now works on helping improve X's existing speech recognition software.ID X.

Ans. X- Apple Inc. 

6. Initaial logo of which company.?

Ans. Kodak (Eastman kodak)

7.  Bell Labs engineers used call it as Octothorp and this has become a part of microblogging or social networking.What is it.

Ans.  Hashtag.


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