Saturday, 19 January 2013

Random IT Quiz 5

1. This is the old logo of Which famous Company?


Ans. Xerox (founded as The Haloid Photographic Company)

2. Alan J. Perlis was the first recipient of which award in the world of computing? 

Ans. Turing award

3. Who was youngest 'Time Person of the year'?

Ans. Charles Lindbergh (1927,Also he was the first one)

4. Identify the Logo.

Ans. iMovie

5. What term is used to describe a program that appears to perform a harmless 

   action but actually performs another act such as transmitting a virus? 

Ans. Trojan

6. Graphical User Interface(GUI) was first developed by which company?

Ans. Xerox PARC

7. Which company did Google acquire in 2005 to enter the mobile devices software business?

Ans. Android

8. Connect.

Ans. Pirates Of Silicon Valley (movie,persons are the characters of steve jobs,bill gates

      and steve wozniak and it is based on the book 'Fire in The Valley' )

9. Babel Fish, a web translation service owned by Yahoo! was originally created by what? 

Ans. AltaVista

10. Identify the phone and its significance.

Ans. Samsung i7500 (or the first galaxy),it is the first phone manufactured by samsung

      that uses Android.

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