Friday, 18 January 2013

Random IT Quiz 2

1. What is the full form of “DOCOMO”?

Ans.Do Communication Over the MObile Network.

2. Which company’s Logo is made up of 8 U’s? 

Ans.Sun Microsystems

3.  Jerry Yang and David Filo founded this company. This company gets its name
    from a fictional character of Gulliver’s travels. Which is this famous company?


4.  Who quoted “There are no unsuccessful experiments. If we stop, 
    it’s we who are unsuccessful, not the experiment”?

Ans. Alexander Graham Bell

5.  ‘Double Click is a subsidiary of a company which acquired it,
   for its ad services in March 2008. Which is the parent company?


6.  It is a line of consumer-oriented laptop computers designed by Lenovo. 
    The computers were put on the market in January 2008 as entirely Lenovo products,
    and were not produced by IBM. What are these laptop-computers called as?

Ans. IdeaPad

7. Which company delivered the first ever android phone and also the first ever 4G phone?

Ans.HTC (abbreviation: High Tech Computer Corporation, first android phone – HTC Dream, 
    first 4G phone – HTC EVO 4G).

8. University coming up in Karnataka named after an Indian IT personality. Also name the 
    company this person is associated with.

Ans. AzimPremji University, Wipro

9. This was initially named as Phoenix then its name was changed to Firebird and then
    again was changed to another name with which it is called even today.
    What are talking about?

Ans. Mozilla Firefox

10. MeeGo, a linux based OS for mobile phones by Nokia and which company? 

Ans. Intel