Saturday, 5 July 2014

Random IT Quiz 14

1. What was Time Magazines's "Person of the Year" in 1982?

Ans. The Computer.

2. Identify this.

Ans. Konami Code

3.Which famous personality authored the book "Weaving the web" ?

Ans. Tim Berners- Lee

4."What Drives You" is the tagline of which company?

Ans. Maxtor (now operates as a subsidiary of Seagate )

5.Who developed the first "wiki" ?

Ans. Ward Cunningham.

6.  Identify this TV series  that centers on six young men who found a compression based start up company named pied piper.

Ans. Silicon Valley.

7.What  typeface is used in Google logo.?

Ans. Catull

8."Relationship Matters" is the slogan of which social networking site?

Ans. Linkedin

9.Which search engine is named after a PG Woodhouse literary character?.

Ans. Ask Jeeves.

10. Who discovered the first computer bug.?

Ans. Grace Murray Hopper.


  1. And I did not know answers to any of those questions but in my defence, I am not that much of a computer or IT geek.

  2. I knew the ans. of only 1 of these.