Sunday, 9 March 2014

Random IT Quiz 10

1.  ID him.

Ans. Steve Case (former CEO of AOL)

2. ID him.

Ans.   Satya Nadella  (CEO of Microsoft )

3.  Connect.

Ans.  Error 5XX ( server error mascot of twitter called 'fail whale' and of tumblr called 'tumbeasts') 

4. ID

Ans.  BumpTop (3D desktop by Anand Agarwala)

5. Connect

Ans. Adam Osborne (Co-authored a book about Osborne Computer Corporation and first commercial portable PC called Osborne 1)


Ans. VISICALC ( first ever spreadsheet application)

7. ID him

Ans. Suhas Gopinathan (CEO, and Chairman of Globals INC)

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