Monday, 15 July 2013

Random IT Quiz 8

1. is a URL shortening service created by which company?

ans. Twitter

2. is the domain name of?

ans. Encyclopaedia Brettanica

3. How is The Bell Telephone Company set up by Alexander Graham Bell
    known more famously today?

ans. AT&T

4. It is an open source operating system released by Apple Inc. in 2000 and                       
    has a Platypus as its mascot. Which OS?

ans. Darwin.


ans. Nvidia  (tesla,tegra,nforce products of nvidia)


6. The fly Eristalis gatesi is named after which famous IT personality?

ans. Bill Gates

7. “For those who Do” is the tagline of which company?

ans. Lenovo

8. Which company started by Trip Hawkins in 1982, was originally called
    Amazin' Software?

. Elecronics Arts.

9.identify the mascot.

ans. Liam (mascot of yahoo mail)

10.Which Indian cricketer endorses the digital camera giant Canon?

Ans. Sachin Tendulkar.

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