Thursday, 31 January 2013

Random IT Quiz 8

1. Fortune magazine named him as the "world's smartest designer"
   in 2010,for his work on Apple products.He is the senior Vice
   President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc.He is  
   internationally renowned as the principal designer of the
   iMac,MacBook Pro,iPod,iPhone,iPad etc.ID him.

Ans.Jonathan Ive

2. Accidental Billionaires is a book written by Ben Mezrich
   raised more than just eyebrows when it was launched on July
   14th 2009.It is the high-energy tale of how two socially
   awkward Ivy leaguers,trying to increase their chances with
   the opposite sex,ended up creating X.Identify X.


3. It is a known fact that iPhone and iPad does not support
   flash player and flash videos,still supports Youtube videos
   because youtube has encoded every video in their repository
   in technology X.Identify X,a popular and standard compression


4. How do we better know the iPhone and PS3 jailbreaking expert
   George Hotz as?


5.Mozilla has launched a Firefox for mobile by code-name____,a
  small desert fox.It currently runs on Nokia Maemo platform.


6. What is the layout Engine developed and used by Microsoft
   for its internet Explorer?


7. Which company recently sued google in august 2010 over
   Java patent infringement in their latest OS,the Android?


8. Amilo and Esprimo are laptop brands from which laptop


9. Due to the overwhelming demand of 16 commenters,Engadget ,the
   popular tech blog launchd the_____ free Engadget,blocking
   all the news from_____.This was because a lot of them felt
   the news from ______ wasupsetting the normal reading of tech


10. You have been invited by a social networking site recently
    to try out its new feature called "Project Titan".How do we
    know "Project Titan" better?

Ans.Facebook Email

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