Friday, 25 January 2013

India IT Quiz 4

1. Which company was co-founded by Dhruv Shringi(CEO),Manish Amin(CIO), Alok 
    Vaish(CFO) and Sabina chopra (EVP Operation) as a Travel portal in India,mainly
    the airlines ticket booking portal.Now the firm has extended its service to 
    total travel solution like booking bus tickets,hotel rooms,car rentals.
    ID the company


2. This online portal was founded by Allwin Agnel,its current CEO in 2002.This
    is now India's most visited website for MBA aspirants.ID the portal.


3. He's the founder and CEO of People Group, a news and media entertainment group.
    He's more popular as the founder and Chairman of, and (which claims to be India's first friendship and social networking site).
    ID him

Ans.Anupam Mittal

4. He co-founded's popular e-commerce platform for local search,
    classifieds etc along with his wife,Sangeeta Kshettry in the late 1990s.
    He is also the author of the book "Black,White and Various Shades of Brown",
    published by Penguin Inida.ID him

Ans.Satya Prabhakar

5. He is the president of Servers and Tools Business at Microsoft,which is a 
    $15 Billion business for Microsoft.Some of its products include Windows Server,
    SQL Server,Visual Studio,Windows Azure etc,ID him

Ans.Satya Nadella

6. This is an American seed accelerator founded by Paul Buchheit which is known 
    for nurturing start-ups like DropBox,Scribd etc.In July 2012,they announced that
    they'd fund 2 Indian startups,namely TapToLearn and Plivo.ID the company

Ans.Y combinator

7. This company was founded by Hithesh Dhingra and Amanpreet Bajaj.This was India's 
    2nd largest online retailer of electronics before Flipkart acquired it in 2012.
    ID the company

8. He co-founded along with Ashotosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena in  
      February 2007. He currently serves as the CEO of him

Ans.Mukesh Bansal

9.He co-founded Snapdeal along with Rohit Bansal in February 2010.He serves as the 
     CEO of Snapdeal.ID him

Ans.Kunal Bahl

10. He is the co-founder and CEO of Riya Inc,a company which runs the website
    (acquired by google).Prior to this,he was the co-founder and CEO of Andale Inc,
    a provider of Software to eBay merchants.ID him

Ans.Munjal Shah

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