Sunday, 6 January 2013

Chroma Tech Grand Masters.

You all IT quizzers might have loved the show 'tech grand masters' which was telecasted on NDTV imagine.I have been planning to pour all the questions from the show episode wise.I will start with the season 2 from finale.I will keep posting based on your responses.

This show usually consists of 3 rounds.
This is similar to tic tac toe.Each team picks a tile based on clue and if they answer correct,then the corresponding tile is conquered.Game is continued till a team makes a line.

This is similar to the first round except the the challenge is given by the opposite team.

This is a buzzer round and winner is the one who completes the line of tiles.

4.MAKE OR BREAK(only in semis and finals)
This round has one question for each team followed by 9 options out of which 6 are correct.

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