Friday, 18 January 2013

Random IT Quiz 3

1. Robert Metcalfe’s first experimental network was called the Alto Aloha Network. 
   In 1973, Metcalfe changed the name to what? 


2. What was developed by Larry Wall as a replacement for AWK, a text processing language? 


3. What was invented by Peter Kramer & Lou Ottens at Philips?

Ans.Compact Disk

4. Which Indian Social networking website gets its name from the phrase ‘iBuild iBond’


5. ‘Connect’ is the online music store set up by which company? 

Ans. Sony

6. Sybase, a RDBMS company was acquired by which company in April 2010?


7. Originally developed for the Apple II computer, this video game franchisee was created 
    by Jordan Mechner.It went on to become a movie which was released in 2010.
    Which one?

Ans. Prince of Persia

8. Identify the Company.

Ans. Zynga ( Mark pincus founder of Zynga with his bulldog 'Zinga')

9. He studied at the Uppsala University in Sweden. He co-founded the world’s most 
   downloaded Internet software to date (Kaaza). Who are we talking about?

Ans. Niklas Zennstorm (He is also the co-founder of Skype).

10.  "Better Sound Through Research" is the slogan of which company.

Ans. Bose Corp.

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