Thursday, 31 January 2013

Random IT Quiz 8

1. Fortune magazine named him as the "world's smartest designer"
   in 2010,for his work on Apple products.He is the senior Vice
   President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc.He is  
   internationally renowned as the principal designer of the
   iMac,MacBook Pro,iPod,iPhone,iPad etc.ID him.

Ans.Jonathan Ive

2. Accidental Billionaires is a book written by Ben Mezrich
   raised more than just eyebrows when it was launched on July
   14th 2009.It is the high-energy tale of how two socially
   awkward Ivy leaguers,trying to increase their chances with
   the opposite sex,ended up creating X.Identify X.


3. It is a known fact that iPhone and iPad does not support
   flash player and flash videos,still supports Youtube videos
   because youtube has encoded every video in their repository
   in technology X.Identify X,a popular and standard compression


4. How do we better know the iPhone and PS3 jailbreaking expert
   George Hotz as?


5.Mozilla has launched a Firefox for mobile by code-name____,a
  small desert fox.It currently runs on Nokia Maemo platform.


6. What is the layout Engine developed and used by Microsoft
   for its internet Explorer?


7. Which company recently sued google in august 2010 over
   Java patent infringement in their latest OS,the Android?


8. Amilo and Esprimo are laptop brands from which laptop


9. Due to the overwhelming demand of 16 commenters,Engadget ,the
   popular tech blog launchd the_____ free Engadget,blocking
   all the news from_____.This was because a lot of them felt
   the news from ______ wasupsetting the normal reading of tech


10. You have been invited by a social networking site recently
    to try out its new feature called "Project Titan".How do we
    know "Project Titan" better?

Ans.Facebook Email

Friday, 25 January 2013

India IT Quiz 4

1. Which company was co-founded by Dhruv Shringi(CEO),Manish Amin(CIO), Alok 
    Vaish(CFO) and Sabina chopra (EVP Operation) as a Travel portal in India,mainly
    the airlines ticket booking portal.Now the firm has extended its service to 
    total travel solution like booking bus tickets,hotel rooms,car rentals.
    ID the company


2. This online portal was founded by Allwin Agnel,its current CEO in 2002.This
    is now India's most visited website for MBA aspirants.ID the portal.


3. He's the founder and CEO of People Group, a news and media entertainment group.
    He's more popular as the founder and Chairman of, and (which claims to be India's first friendship and social networking site).
    ID him

Ans.Anupam Mittal

4. He co-founded's popular e-commerce platform for local search,
    classifieds etc along with his wife,Sangeeta Kshettry in the late 1990s.
    He is also the author of the book "Black,White and Various Shades of Brown",
    published by Penguin Inida.ID him

Ans.Satya Prabhakar

5. He is the president of Servers and Tools Business at Microsoft,which is a 
    $15 Billion business for Microsoft.Some of its products include Windows Server,
    SQL Server,Visual Studio,Windows Azure etc,ID him

Ans.Satya Nadella

6. This is an American seed accelerator founded by Paul Buchheit which is known 
    for nurturing start-ups like DropBox,Scribd etc.In July 2012,they announced that
    they'd fund 2 Indian startups,namely TapToLearn and Plivo.ID the company

Ans.Y combinator

7. This company was founded by Hithesh Dhingra and Amanpreet Bajaj.This was India's 
    2nd largest online retailer of electronics before Flipkart acquired it in 2012.
    ID the company

8. He co-founded along with Ashotosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena in  
      February 2007. He currently serves as the CEO of him

Ans.Mukesh Bansal

9.He co-founded Snapdeal along with Rohit Bansal in February 2010.He serves as the 
     CEO of Snapdeal.ID him

Ans.Kunal Bahl

10. He is the co-founder and CEO of Riya Inc,a company which runs the website
    (acquired by google).Prior to this,he was the co-founder and CEO of Andale Inc,
    a provider of Software to eBay merchants.ID him

Ans.Munjal Shah

Riddle IT Quiz 1

1. "I don't think I've ever worked so hard on something, but working on 'X'
   was the neatest experience of my life.Almost everyone who worked on it will say
   that.None of us wanted to release it at the end. It was as though we knew that once
   it was out of our hands, it wouldn't be ours anymore. When we finally presented
   it at the shareholders' meeting, everyone in the auditorium stood up  and gave it a
   5-minute ovation. What was incredible to me was that I could see the 'X' team in the
   first few rows. It was as though none of us could believe that we'd actually finished it.
   Everyone started crying."
   ID X and the narrator.

Ans.X-Macintosh,steve Jobs is the narrator.

2. In 1966, after 'X'S father’s death, 'X' returned home from Stanford University and 
   took over 'Y' as its chairman at the age of 21.He was instrumental in transforming
   'Y' into a highly profitable, diversified corporation that eventually included such
   products as the Y SuperGenius personal computers, that in 1999 were the one
   Indian PC range to obtain the US-based National Software Testing Laboratory (NSTL) 
   certification for the Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance in hardware for all models.'X'
   is a major shareholder in 'Y'.During the 1970s and 1980s, the company shifted 
   its focus to new business opportunities in the IT and computing industry, which was 
   at a nascent stage in India at the time. 
   ID X and Y.

Ans.X-Azim Premji,Y-Wipro

3."They frame it as if the whole reason for making 'X' and building something was 
  because I wanted to get girls or I wanted to get into some sort of social 
  institution.They just can't wrap their head around the idea that someone might build 
  something because they like building things."
  Identify X,who is the narrator and what is he talking about?

Ans.X-Facebook,Mark zuckerberg talking about the movie 'The Social Network'
    (movie based on Facebook)

4. 'X' is a "democratic" conference of computer enthusiasts.The topics of discussion are
   focused on technology and the internet.The fisrt 'X' conference was held in the offices
   of Socialtext in Palo Alto,CA in 2005.'X' arose as an open-to-the-public alternative
   to Foo Camp, which is an annual invitation-only participant-driven conference hosted by 
   Tim O'Reilly.
   ID X.


5. X has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Twice ~240 nominations in both 2010  & 2011 But X hasn't Been awarded yet, as no one knows who should be given the prize(?)
   X has instilled the feeling of right to freedom of speech & right to information in
   humans for the past 10 years and continues to do so.X has also overthrown many 
   ID X.

Ans.Internet (Surprised!)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

India IT Quiz 3

1. Name the only Indian who won the Turing Award "For pioneering the design and
   construction of large scale artificial intelligence systems, demonstrating the
   practical importance and potential commercial impact of artificial intelligence

Ans. Raj reddy

2. At the age of 16, "X" dropped out of high school to pursue his dream as an 

    entrepreneur and started his first company, ClickAgents. It was one of the first
    ad networks focused around performance based advertising. Eighteen months later, 
    he sold it for $40 million to ValueClick.To whom this question associated. 
    Who is "X" here?

Ans.Gurbaksh Chahal

3. Identify this Indian entrepreneur

Ans. Kunal Bahl(founder of

4. Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal,who worked with Amazon India,quit their jobs to 

    start an Indian Online book store.Now the website is one of India's most watched 
    and exciting e-commerce company.Which is this online book/electronic shopping site.?


5.This Bangalore based sports sobftware firm has been promoted by Anil Kumble and 

   his brother Dinesh Kumble.It was relaunched in 2007(ahead of worldcup cricket) by 
   steve Ballmer of Microsoft.ID the company


6. He is the co-founder of WebEx, a online web-conferencing solution with Min Zhu.

    ID him

Ans.  Subrah Iyar

7. Which Indian web entrepeneur was reported to have advised Trinmool Congress          leaders on effective usage of Mobile technologies for cost efficient and wide impacting 

  propaganda during the West Bengal elections in March 2011 "purely in a friendly   

Ans. Sabeer Bhatia

8. The economy policy of the Janatha Party,led by Morarji Desai,resulted in a controversy

    which resulted in high profile exit of this American Multi-national in 1977.It returned 
    back to India in 1992 as a 50-50 joint venture with Tata, named as Tata Information 
    Systems Ltd. ID the company

Ans. IBM

9. Which Indian company launched its Consumer Cloud service named Mylife in July   



10. He is the co-founder and CEO of Quickr, one of India's leading digital classifieds 

    company.Prior to this,he was the founder of of Excellere, a web based educational 
    start-up.Prior to this,he's been the Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton.ID him

Ans.Pranay Chulet

Random IT Quiz 7

1. Whose motto goes like this, "The world's leaders in high-quality entertainment

   at your expense"

Ans.Lulzsec (Hacktivist group)

2. 'X' is a sixth generation video game console which was released by Sega in late

   1998 in Japan and from September 1999 in other territories.It was the first
   entry in the sixth generation of video game consoles.ID 'X'.

Ans. Sega Dreamcast

3. X was originally developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape under the name Mocha,which

   was later renamed to LiveScript.X is a client side programming language.Identify X.

Ans. JavaScript

4. Identify.

Ans. Osborne 1(first commercially successful poratable microcomputer) 

5. Identify the gaming console.

Ans. Nintendo Gamecube

6.Identify the advertiser. 

  (The ad copy reads: Stuck in the wrong job?)


7. With which network Apple launched its first CDMA iPhone?

Ans. Verizon

8. The first instance of 'X' came in 2008 on the 4chan imageboard.The image consisted of 

  a 4-pane comic made in MS Paint portraying the “toilet splashback” experience. The first
  three panes described the incidence and in the fourth pane, a drawing of 'X' screaming    appeared with a caption saying “FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-” on the right of the face 
  in red letters.Identify 'X'.

Ans. Rageguy

9. X is named after Y's daughter (its not a reference to himself as the name may otherwise

   indicate). X was created at the company which was founded by Y, now a subsidiary of  Oracle. X is used by several large sites like Flickr, Wikipedia, Google, YouTube and Facebook.  ID X and Y.

Ans.Y-Mike Widenius X-MySQL

10. Identify the situation or significance of the pic.

Ans. Y2K problem, the Millennium bug (A sign reads 3rd Jan 1900 instead of 3 Jan 2000)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Personalities Quiz 5

ID the famous personalities.

Ans. Ada Lovelace (recognized as the first computer programmer)

Ans. Jack Dorsey (Creator of twitter)

Ans. Kevin Rose(Co-founder of Digg)

Ans. Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo!)

Ans. Reid Hoffman (Co-founder of LinkedIn)

Ans. Sanjay Kumaran (CEO of Go Dimension,youngest CEO)

Ans. Brad Fitzpatrick (Creator of LiveJournal)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Logo Quiz 2

Identify the Logos.

Ans. Wikimedia

Ans. MySQL (opensource rdbms software)

Ans. OLPC  (One Laptop Per Child) project

Ans. Duke (Mascot of Java programming language)

Ans. Python programming language

Ans. Happiest Minds Technologies (Founded by Ashok Soota)

Ans. The Pirate Bay (torrent file host website)

India IT Quiz 2

1. This IT company was initially set up as a manufacturer of vegetable ghee, vanaspati,
   refined oils including salad oil in Maharashtra under the trade names of Kisan,
   Sunflower and Camel.ID the company.

Ans. Wipro

2. Identify the Indian search engine founded by 2 IITians from Delhi in 2006 which they
   called it as 'Desi' search engine.

Ans. (founded by Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra)

3.This person is known as the father of Pentium processors.He is also known for his
  contribution for AMD K6 which was the highest performance x86 processor in the world
  at that time.Name him.

Ans.Vinodh Dham

4. This young game developer from Patna made news when his game,"Terror Attack :Project Fateh" was published in 2010 by India Games Ltd.He is popularly known as the Youngest Visual Effect Artist and Game developer.ID him

Ans.Shivam Sai Gupta

5. His real name is Satyanarayan Gangaram but he's popularly known as Sam.He is the 
   CEO of C-SAM Inc which has its headquarters in Chicago.He is the currently Advisor
   to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations.
   He is also considered responsible for India's commuonicaion revolution.ID him.
   (Lots of clues)

Ans.Sam Pithroda

6. He is a rare combination of a gifted musician,a programmer and an entrepreneur.
He has co-founded companies like Alantec and the founder of Allegro Systems,an IP security provider which was acquired by Cisco for 181 million dollars.He was a programmer in Microsoft. He has composed music for Kannada movies like "America America".He's considered to be one of the best music directors in Kannada Indudstry.
Id him


7. He is the President of National Ethical Hackers' Associaion(NEHA),India.He has 
    co-authered a book "Software Hacking" with Ankit Fadia.Orissa Police has consulted
    him on a few online security related cases.He was awarded the "Youth Icon of 
    Orissa 2009" by RedFM 93.5.ID him

Ans.Nishant Das Patnaik

8. Foradian Technologies is a Web application company based in Mangalore.Foradian
   is known for popularizing Tintumon cartoon series.They shot to fame for releasing 
   Foradian font.What special character did Foradian font support.

Ans.New Rupee symbol

9.  ______ is a web-based 3D satellite mapping tool similar to google earth developed 
    by ISRO.It is based on TerraExplorer software developed by Skyline Systems.


10. He is the founder of Info Edge,a company which runs portal .ID him
Ans.Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Personalities Quiz 4

ID the famous personalities.

Ans.  Sindhuja Rajaraman (CEO of Seppan,one of the youngest CEOs)

Ans. Nicholas Negroponte (Founder of One Laptop Per Child Assoc.)  

Ans.  Suhas Gopinath (Founder,CEO of Globals Inc.)

Ans. Akio Morita (Co-founder of Sony Corp) 

Ans. Tom Anderson (Co-founder of social networking site Myspace)  

Ans.  Seymour Cray (Father of Super Computing,Founded Cray Research)

Ans.  Konrad Zuse (Designer of first freely programmable computer)

Monday, 21 January 2013

India IT Quiz 1

Indian entrepreneurs are increasing with new ideas and emerging in the IT field and make fame not only locally but also across the globe.So, here is the first set of quiz on Indians at IT.

1. X founded Y in 2006,now very much popular website to send free sms in India.
   Y is based at Hyderabad,India.X is one of the fastest growing company's owner
   among Indian Web Entrepreneurs.ID X and Y.

Ans. X is Raju Vanapala,Y is 

2. V.S.S. Mani founded India's which No. 1 local search engine in 1996?

Ans. Jastdial

3. Shiva Ayyadurai along with Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev developed which
    media player?

Ans. Winamp

4. He is an American Born businessman of Indian origin.He is currently the CEO and 
   co-founder of SumZero.He is more known as the co-founder of Harward Connection 
   (later re-named Connect-U) and fighting a lawsuit with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.
   ID him?

Ans.Divya Narendra

5. Hidden Reflex is a Bangalore based company shot to fame for developing the First
   "India browser".Based on Firefox, the browser is customised to the taste of Indian 
   internet users. Identify the browser.


6. By co-founding the company Go Dimension with his brother Shravan(Co-founder and  president), this guy became the Youngest CEO of the world,at the age of 10.ID him.

Ans.Sanjay Kumaran

7. He is research Assistant and a Phd candidate at MIT Media Lab.He is one of the
    inventors of the Sixth Sense technology which has won the 2009 invention award from   Popular Science. ID him.
Ans. Pranav Mistry

8. He was the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Perot Systems(India) Ltd,Initially
    setup as HCL Perot systems.He is now the CEO of Mahindra Satyam.ID him.

Ans.CP Gurnani

9. Phanindra Sama is co-founder and CEO of which India's largest bus ticketing 

10. who along with her Mumbai based startup Greenway Grameen Infra recently  won 
      the 2012 Intel Global Challenge at Haas School of Business, University of California,  Berkeley, receiving $50,000 from the Intel Foundation.

Ans. Neha Juneja

Personalities Quiz 3

ID the famous IT personalities.


Ans. Jack Kilby (worked along with Robert Noyce)


Ans.  Robert Cailliau (worked along with Berners-Lee for WWW)


Ans. William D. Green (Accenture)


Ans.  Shigeru Miyamoto (Designer of Mario)


Ans. Amar Bose (Founder of Bose Corp)


Ans.  Gottfrid Svartholm (Co-founded The pirate Bay)


Ans.  Ramu Yalamanchi (Founded social networking site hi5)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Random IT Quiz 6

1. Which is the high level programming language invented by John Backus for IBM in 1954.?


2. Which was the first web server to go online?

Ans. (CERN httpd)

3. What was Google initially called at the time of development?

Ans. BackRub (BackRub supposedly was a reference to the underlying algorithm which
     counts back-links as affirmative votes)

4.  Who is the manufacturer of Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader?

Ans. Foxconn

5 . Latitude,Inspiron,Dimension,Precision,Power Edge are all the products of which


6. Which company produces PCs  Beanstalk,Infiniti,ezeebee etc?


7. Which was the first computer to demonstrate the GUI(Graphical User Interface)?

Ans. Alto (Developed by Xerox PARC.Although it was non commercial,it made
     a huge impacton PCs)

8. Identify.

Ans. First prototype of computer mouse designed by Douglas Engelbart.

9.  In 1986 who acquired the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm, which was
    spun off as Pixar.

Ans. Steve Jobs (After leaving Apple in 1985)

10.  Identify the famous personality.

Ans. Robert Noyce (Co-founder of Intel)