Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Infosys creates a virtual FB for employees ...!!

Mysore: Infosys Limited may not be your friendliest neighbour or the most employee-friendly IT company around. But they sure are making amends.
'Infy Bubble', their recently launched internal social networking site is supposedly a platform for disgruntled Infoscions to vent on. The site mirrors Facebook and allows employees to connect across borders with colleagues as well as bicker about anything they want, said Nandita Gurjar, Vice President and Group Head, Human Resources, Infosys Limited.
She added that the site doesn't encourage personal attacks but it does welcome negative feedback about their bosses and peers. The site also allows them to share photographs and other stuff just like they do on Facebook, thus giving them a platform to engage themselves with other employees.
This is one of the internal PR exercises Infosys is conscientiously indulging in to salvage their image. The company has been battling severe criticism and high attrition rates lately.
And, despite rising wages hurting the IT bellwhether's profit margins, it isn't stopping its hiring momentum.  Infosys that plans to hire 12,000 employees this quarter has already added 9,992 employees this year.
When asked if this would further affect their revenues, the management strongly responded by saying that they are going as per their yearly target of 45,000 new additions. With the improving business sentiment and revival in IT spends , IT firms are stepping up hiring to meet demand for their services.
The company today posted a 15.72 per cent jump in consolidated net profit to Rs 1,722 crore for the first quarter ended June 30, 2011. During the first quarter, Infosys and its subsidiaries saw over 7,000 employees leaving.
As we know,  with increased hiring comes a high rate of attrition. But the company isn't really worried about it. Gurjar says, "This is the quarter when we normally expect employees to go for higher studies. 30% of the employees who have quit cited this reason."
She says, the company  can't stop employees from pursuing higher studies. However, they are pondering on how to get them back with acquired skill sets.  Gurjar says, "95% of the employees who quit to pursue higher studies actually want to come back. But since we have a structured process they have to undergo the complete interview cycle in the campuses.  So may be in the near future we might have a policy where an employee can come back after getting MBA degrees or something else without getting into the complete interview cycle.".
But there is an interesting bit of information that Gurjar revealed. "34% per cent of our total employee workforce is woman. So in this quarter 32% of the woman employees who quit didn't cite any reason for quitting the job. They just wanted to take a break. Now this is something that we want to review."

Author's Conclusion.
Infosys is losing a lots of efficient workers in the name of pursuing Higher studies.Although they are replacing them with the different set of workers,they want the actual employees to come back after gaining additional knowledge and technique.Thus they created their very own internal social networking site to stay in touch with their employees and talk about their issues...

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